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Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Bags

Looking for specialist, bespoke bulk bags? We have 25 years’ experience in delivering exactly what our customers need. Get in touch for some expert help.

Need failsafe food grade products?

We supply fully certified Food Grade Bulk Bags and FIBCs to some of the UK’s leading food manufacturing companies. Talk to our team and tell us what you need.

Bringing you faultless food grade bulk bags

During production of your bags, it’s obviously vital that no alien particles or threads come into contact with or contaminate the food product you’re packaging. So to make absolutely sure this never happens, our trusted global suppliers carry out a stringent number of safety processes and checks for us, in a sterile environment.

These include:

  • Using only 100% virgin grade materials
  • Using ultrasonic cutting machinery to prevent any loose threads or fibres
  • Fitting sewing machines with heat sealing cutting equipment and vacuum systems
  • Having light tables on every finishing line
  • Sewing all seams externally to remove any chance of loose fibres or threads inside your bag
  • Meticulously vacuuming every bag on every finishing line
  • Loading bags on to heat treated or plastic pallets

For extra protection, we can also supply your bags with food grade low-density polyethylene/linear low-density polyethylene or foil liners that you can insert and shape to fit perfectly inside.


Our 3 Step Quality Control Process

  1. Raw material inspection and testing
  2. Manufacturing process inspection and testing
  3. Final quantity control checks before palletisation and goods dispatch

Peace of mind for you.

We don’t take your food safety to chance. So all our food grade bulk bag production facilities have been audited and approved by the UK’s leading food manufacturing companies.

Looking for world-class pharmaceutical bags?

Our pharmaceutical-grade bulk bags are chosen by the industry’s best for their quality, consistency and safety. Made with 100% virgin polypropylene in closely monitored, climate-controlled and sterile conditions, our bags don’t leave anything to chance.  Talk to our team to find out more.

Safety first, always.

We know there’s no margin for error when it comes to pharmaceuticals, that’s why we leave no margin for error in our bags.

To make sure you can be 100% certain of the safety of your contents, we only use bag suppliers who:

  • Use only 100% virgin grade materials
  • Cut your panels with ultrasonic cutting machinery to prevent any loose threads or fibres
  • Assemble your FIBC panels on sewing machines equipped with vacuum systems
  • Sew all your seams externally – removing any chance of loose fibres and contamination
  • Blow every one of your bags, inspect them on a light table and pass them through metal detection to a final, stringent inspection
  • Seal and package your bags on heat-treated pallets

And, to give you total product traceability, all of our bags are compliant with BRC, FSSC and ISO Pharmaceutical & Food standards.

Our expert team will find the answer you need.