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Cardboard Packaging: Paper Sacks, Boxes & Layer Pads

From cardboard boxes to pallet layer pads, we have the sizes, shapes and designs you need.

Have a look at the boxes and layer pads as well as paper sacks that we offer as a leading UK manufacturer.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are constructed from two plys of paper which in turn sandwich together a fluted sheet. These sheets are then glued, bringing a level of strength, rigidity and insulation that other packaging just can’t give you.

Boxes come in countless sizes and designs, to fit the huge range of products we all use on a daily basis.

At d.a.pak, we can offer you every one of those sizes and designs, printed or plain, for every sector and need.

Ready when you are.

All of our unprinted cardboard products are available for immediate delivery. Just get in touch to get yours.

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Cardboard Layer Pads / Base Sheets

Our strong cardboard base sheets and layer pads are ideal for giving you surface protection and preventing damage between the layers of your products, especially during transit.

You can order all of our sheets in multiple sizes.