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Log & Net Bulk Bags: Industry-Leading Supplier

Everything you need for firewood and kindling.

As a leading supplier in the log and firewood industry, we can give you expert advice on every style, design and option. Read about our range then talk to our team.

Vented and Ventilated Bulk Bags for Logs

Vented or ventilated bulk bags are an ideal way for you to store logs and let them air and dry – helping to stop the build-up of mildew.

They’re produced from 26 stripe vented fabric on all four sides and the base of the bag.

All of our vented bulk bags are open top with a flat base, giving you a safe working load of 1000kg and safety factor 5:1 (single use).

Vented and Mosquito Fabric Bulk Bags for Logs

Another ideal way for you to store logs, allowing them to air and dry. These bags are often used for kiln dried logs, as they release moisture and damp from your logs as you store them.

Our vented and mosquito fabric bulk bags are produced from two sides of 26 stripe vented fabric and two sides of mosquito net fabric.

We can even print them with your company name or logo – perfect for your kerbside advertising.

Log and Kindling Nets with Drawstring Closure

Our net sacks are ideal for storing logs, kindling, vegetables and shellfish, making them the perfect choice for all kinds of industries.

We can produce the net for your sacks to any size or colour and from three different fabrics. And we can even include an UV additive to stop them fading in the sun.

Choose your fabric from:

  • Leno Woven Polypropylene Mesh
  • Raschel Knitted Polypropylene Mesh
  • Monofilament Polythylene Fabric (a tighter knitted fabric, perfect for kindling).

Log Nets with Printed BOPP Banner

We can print your log and kindling nets with photographic-quality images using a biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) banner. Making sure everyone notices your product or brand.

Barrow Bags or Log Storage Bags

Smaller in size than a standard or vented bulk bag, these are perfect for transporting and storing your logs by sack barrow.

Barrow bags give you a safe working load of 500kg and are strong enough for you to use again and again.

Thanks to their smaller size, you can move barrow bags yourself by hand (so long as their contents are light) or pull them onto a sack barrow to wheel about (filled bulk bags need a forklift truck to move). And if you fill your barrow bags with heavy products like soil or stone, they’d still be strong enough for you to lift by forklift.