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Polythene Packaging

Whatever you’re looking for, we have the polythene packaging you need.

Polythene Pallet Covers

A great way to stabilise and protect your products in transport and storage.

There are two kinds of polythene pallet covers – gusseted and centrefold.

Our team can guide you on the right option for you, but as a starting point, if you’d like your cover to show the detail of your product, it’d need a ‘registered print’, so a gusseted cover would work best. It’s also worth knowing that because printing on centrefold polythene covers is done slightly differently, your print will be repeated every 100mm.

If you’re looking for dust protection, 30 micron covers are a good option. Or for heat shrink, 80 to 250 micron covers work well. They also hold your goods stable during transit and offers protection against the elements, too.

Non-Fusion Pallet Covers

Our heat-resistant champions

Somewhat of a champion of our range, our non-fusion covers bring you three-layer co-extrusion, meaning that when they’re subjected to heat, the inner cover actively resists it and won’t bond to the product you’re protecting.

You can also use a heat shrink gun to shrink our covers to fit tightly on to your palletised goods.

We can supply all of your covers either ‘perforated on a roll (POR)’ or in pallet boxes as singles, to suit what you need.

Machine Stretch Film

Our machine stretch film has been optimised to provide the very best performance and security of your products.

Machine stretch film provides a quick and efficient way of securing your products to the pallet with a strong long-lasting tear resistant layer preventing movement and damage during storage and transit.

In line with our company strategy films are offered with 30% recycled content where applicable and are available in a range of specifications. All d.a.pak films are subjected to the following tests.

  • Yield: To test the resistance and Yield of films
  • Dart drop impact: To test the impact required to puncture films
  • Friction: To test the slipperiness of films

Contact our packaging experts to understand your requirements further.

Polythene Sacks

Polythene sacks are ideal for your packing products weighing from 10kg to 25kg. They protect your products from contamination and weather and can be printed with text of your choice.

Polythene Valve Sacks

Great for fine powders and granules.

Used across countless industries, these sacks give you a very neat pallet stack and, if you go for printed end patches, create an eye-catching look.

You can choose from:

  • Internal and external valve options
  •  ‘Feathered valves’ for extra seal (stopping your powders coming back up the valve causing contamination/loss)
  • ’Embossed strips’ (stopping your product making your sacks slip when stacked.)

More polythene options

Bottom Weld Pillow Sack

Your simplest form of polythene sack, it’s effectively a piece of polythene tubing with a seal at one end to form a pillow sack.

Gusseted Weld Pillow Sack

Very similar to the pillow sack, it’s made from tubing that has gussets in either side and a seal at one end.

Block Weld Pillow Sack

These sacks form a square base once you start filling them, meaning they’ll sit upright during filling and stack more evenly on your pallet.


All of our polythene sacks can be produced using coloured films and be printed – ideal for promoting and branding your products.