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Learn about Builders Bulk Bags

Builders Bulk Bags are the simplest form of Bulk Bags and generally have a fully open top and flat base. They are usually a single trip bag (safety factor 5:1) have a safe working load of 1000kg and       4 x 30cm standard side corner lifting loops.

Builders Bulk Bags have many uses from the transport and storage of sand and minerals to bark, top soil, logs and even for garden waste and recycling.

Unprinted Builders Bags are available with immediate delivery

Stock sizes of unprinted builders bags:

  • 90 x 90 x 90cm – Open Top – Flat Base – Safe Working Load 1000kg – SF5:1 single trip – 4 x 30cm lifting loops
  • 90 x 90 x 80cm -Open Top – Flat Base – Safe Working Load 1000kg – SF5:1 single trip – 4 x 30cm lifting loops

Custom Artwork For Builders Bulk Bags

Why not put your brand on your bulk bags for cost effective advertising?

Builders bags can be printed up to 3 colours on 4 sides of the bag. This is an ideal and cost-effective way to advertise your products, services and brand through kerb side advertising.

Builders bags and tunnel lift bulk bags

Coloured Fabrics

Coloured fabrics can add brand value to your product. Yellow fabrics have been very popular in recent years however many colours of fabric are available, please ask us for more information.

Unprinted Builders Bulk Bag

Unprinted builders bulk bags are ideal for storing and transporting logs

Tunnel Lift Bulk Bags 

Tunnel lift or tunnel loop bulk bags were devised to allow the tines from a fork lift truck to drive straight into the ears or tunnel loops situated on both sides of the bulk bag removing the need for a second operator to hold open the side seam loops.

This has both economic and health and safety benefits

  • it offers time-saving during filling, loading and unloading process
  • one operator can easily fill the bags by driving the forklift tines straight into the bulk bag ears removing the need for a second operator to hold the side seam lifting loops open.
Tunnel Lift Bulk Bag

Tunnel Lift Bulk Bag

Stock Size Unprinted Tunnel Lift Bulk Bags

  • 75 x 85 x 95cm – Open Top – Flat Base – SWL 1000kg – Safety Factor 5:1 single trip

Our friendly knowledgeable team of dedicated account managers are available to discuss your individual requirement. We offer help and advice with custom artwork as well as stock management.

Contact us today to discuss your bulk bag requirements!