How bulk bags can improve your business efficiency

For businesses that transport dry goods, including food, chemicals, pharmaceutical or agricultural products, there are a number of options available to you including drums, Gaylord boxes and heavy sacks. None of these, however, are as practical or cost-effective as bulk bags, which can actually help you improve your business efficiency. Bulk bags are available for [...]

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Creative uses of used cardboard boxes

In this blog I will write about what you can do with your leftover cardboard boxes from Christmas, if you're just throwing away your cardboard boxes away you’re really missing out on its hidden potential, not only it is a great way to recycle, there are quite a few creative uses for cardboard boxes. Cardboard [...]

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The history of cardboard boxes

The humble cardboard box is used up and down the country every day for so many reasons that it almost feels like it’s been around forever! But, of course, it hasn’t, so we’ve put together a brief history of its life so far... Cardboard is essentially a heavy type of paper, noteworthy for its rigidity [...]

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