Cardboard Packaging

We offer a compete range of cardboard boxes and pallet layer pads

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes are constructed from two ply’s of paper which in turn sandwich together a fluted sheet. These sheets are then glued which gives the construction of the box a unique strength, rigidity and insulation properties which other packaging cannot achieve.

Boxes come in a myriad of sizes and designs which accommodate a huge range of products we all use on a daily basis.

We provide many different sizes, whether they are printed or plain, to different industry sectors and can help you find the perfect box for your product.

Our unprinted cardboard products are all available with immediate delivery

For larger orders please speak with to our team of experts to discuss your cardboard packaging requirements.

Cardboard Layer Pads / Base Sheets

 Our strong Cardboard Base Sheets and Layer Pads are ideal for providing surface protection and to stop damage between layers of products, especially during transit.

Our sheets can be ordered in a multiple sizes to suit your requirements.

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