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The rise of the bulk bag

Why this heavyweight champion’s now the container of choice across the globe

It’s fair to say that the growth of the global bulk bag market has been formidable in recent years – far exceeding most predictions. So what’s led to the impressive rise?

Well, it’s a combination of things.

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable options

Arguably one of the most crucial factors in any bag-buying decision – today, tomorrow and evermore – the environmental impact of moving and storing goods is on everyone’s mind. And as bulk bags offer so many planet-friendly options, they’re being used more and more and more…

2. Need for cost effectiveness

Across every industry, unprecedented external events, from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, have had huge knock-on effects in recent years. And as all businesses are tightening their belts and cutting costs where they can, the strength, reliability and reusability of the bulk bag has become increasingly attractive.

3. Rising popularity of customisation

Being able to customise your bags so they’re not only exactly to the spec you need, but also do a brilliant job of advertising your company, is becoming ever more valuable to businesses. Long gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ – and companies are becoming savvy to the commercial benefits that brings.

4. Need for safe storage/transportation

Again driven in no small part by recent global events, industries are looking more and more at both the how and the what of the goods they’re storing or transporting. From sensitive medical supplies to biohazardous/flammable materials, they need to know that what’s inside will get where it’s going 100% intact and uncontaminated, and with zero risk to anyone around.

5. Continued rise in online shopping

With no sign of the popularity of online shopping abating, the e-commerce industry continues to grow – and grow and grow… And with its customisability, eco-friendly credentials and cost effectiveness, the mighty bulk bag is the bag of choice for the shrewdest online suppliers.


6. Coronavirus

The pandemic created a huge shift in the way we all shopped, sold and delivered – and bulk bags fast became key to how essential goods were safely and securely moved and stored. And even now that we’re returning to ‘normal’, the reliance on the bulk bag as a way of getting things where they need to be, the way they need to be, remains.