How to source the right industrial packaging for your business

Whether your business manufactures toothpaste, creates tasty hand-made chocolates or transports building materials from A to B, you will need to find the right industrial packaging for your needs and budget.

There are, of course, multiple options available to every manufacturer and producer of goods, from simple cardboard boxes to sealable plastic containers and hardwearing bulk bags. Which type you require depends on a multitude of factors, including what product you need to package, how fragile it is, how far it has to go to meet the buyer and how long it needs to last.

Here are just a few of the basic considerations you will need to think about when choosing the right industrial packaging for you.

Reusable, recyclable or throwaway? If you are sending large quantities of your products out into the world every day, you may want to think about the reusability of your packaging.

Putting the advantages to the environment aside for one moment, making use of packaging which can be reused will help keep your costs down considerably. Being able to use the same bulk containers time after time means you can pass that cost on to the buyer, too, if desirable.

Of course, this only usually applies to secondary packaging – that is, the way the goods are transported from manufacturer to seller. However, there is no reason that you shouldn’t consider making your primary packaging (such as the tube which contains the toothpaste or the box the chocolates come in) ‘greener’ too – maybe by ensuring it can be recycled after use. Many of your consumers will love you for it.

In these eco-conscious days, making all of your packaging more environmentally-friendly should only be seen as a positive selling point.

Off the shelf or specially-made? As you shop around for potential suppliers of your industrial packaging, you will find many offer ready-made products. Bottles, bags, tubes and sacks can all be bought in standard sizes, which you may well find are suitable for your products.

Buying off the shelf could save you money, but be careful not to buy packaging simply because it is cheap – if it doesn’t exactly fit your requirements, then you will end up paying in the long run. Produce could be damaged or even ruined by the wrong packaging.

Sourcing specially-made packaging allows you to have more control over the product, giving you the ability to specify every little detail, from the thickness of the plastic bag you use to the labelling printed on the bulk bag.

If you can’t source it, be creative. Thinking outside the box may be a cliché, but it sometimes pays, especially if you are in the business of packaging.

Try thinking about what you would buy in an ideal world, if everything were possible, and then work outwards from that. You may find you need to use two or more different producers for your packaging, but if this provides you with the right materials, then it will be better for your business.

Packaging matters. If your goods are not presented in the right way, and protected when necessary, it will cause you to lose income over time.

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