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What is a Q-Bag & Baffle Bulk Bag?

We look at the benefits of a Q-bag and baffle bag. Bulk Bags are a great way to transport or store products such as bulk solids, powders and granules, however, a problem that can occur, particularly when transporting fine, free flowing powders in circular woven Bulk Bags can be that once the bags are filled, the sides of the Bulk Bag can sometimes bow out due to the pressure being applied from the packaged materials they carry. This can make the shape of the Bulk Bag more circular than square.

This can mean that you do not get the maximum payload possible on a truck or container as bowed sides do not maximise valuable loading space available on a pallet.

A Q-Bag or Baffle Bulk Bag as they are sometimes known is a Bulk Bag or flexible intermediate bulk container that has internal baffles sewn into the 4 sides of the bag.

The baffles interconnect the 4 sides of the Bulk Bag distributing the pressure evenly from the product they carry, thus helping the Bulk Bag to remain square when full and maximise the pallet footprint.

Q Bags In Use

Benefits of using Q-Bags are that by having 4 square sides sit flush on pallets this enables you to maximise payload opportunity on trucks and containers making valuable cost savings on transport.

You can often achieve 15% extra product per bag using Q-Bags or Baffle Bags sitting on the same footprint as a standard bag!

If you would like to find out more information about how Q-Bags can save you money, please contact us now and speak with one of our experienced technical account managers.

Q-Bag / Baffle Bulk Bag

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