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Polythene Valve Sacks are a great way to package fine powders and granules.

Throughout many Industrial Sectors Polythene Valve Sacks are found.

They create a very neat pallet stack and look extremely good when printed on the end patches as this instantly catches the eye.


Polythene Valve Sacks

Polythene Valve Sacks are an ideal way to package fine powders and granules

With Internal and External Valve options many types of product from Fine Powders, Cement through to Plastics and Food can all be packaged in Polythene Valve Sacks.

To increase the seal we can provide sacks with “feathered valves” which prevent the fine powders from coming back up the valve eliminating contamination/loss of product issues.

We can also put “embossed strips” on the sacks which are very important if you have a product that causes the sacks to slip when stacked.

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • From 520mm to 1020mm


  • From 370mm to 600mm

End Patch and Valve

  • From 90mm to 180mm

Valve Length

  • From 110mm to 300mm with an 80mu thickness

Polythene Thickness

  • From 120mu to 230mu

Printing Capability

  • Up to 4 colours (2+2, 1+3 etc)
Polythene Valve Sacks

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