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Polythene Pallet Covers are a great way to stabilise and protect your products in transport and storage

As an industry, we have two types of polythene Pallet Cover, Gusseted and Centrefold.

Which you choose is entirely a customer decision, but if for example you were keen on the cover having product detail then you would need Registered Print so a Gusseted Cover would be more suitable. Because of the different method in manufacture printing on Centrefold is random repeat at every 100mm.

You can have 30mu covers for dust protection or 80 to 250 micron covers to shrink which hold your goods stable in transit and offer protection against the elements.

Non-Fusion: This is a very important addition to the range as Non-Fusion Covers are co-extruded (three-layer) so when subjected to heat the inner Cover resists the heat and does not therefore bond to the product you a protecting.

All Pallet Covers are either supplied Perforated on a Role (POR) or in Pallet Boxes as Singles, this is a customer preference that will be discussed when purchasing.

Covers can be heat shrunk with heat to fit tightly on your palletised goods by using a heat shrink gun

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • Up to 4000mm in Gusseted
  • Up to 3900mm in Centrefold


  • From 250mm to 2800mm in Gusseted Form
  • Up to 3000mm in Centrefold

Polythene Thickness

  • From 30mu to 250mu

Printing Capability

  • Up to 4 colours
  • Registered on Gusseted, random repeat on Centrefold
Polythene Pallet Covers

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