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This type of Packaging is used in various sectors but in particular, Food Processing.

The Polythene in conjunction with the machinery it’s used on puts the product in whilst forming the bag around it-hence the name, the end result is a perfect filled bag with very little to no waste.

This product is supplied printed in Lay-fat roles which are placed onto the machine, it is fed over rollers which direct the polythene folding it as the product meets the newly formed bag, as the bag is filled the runs overheat sensors which seal the product in the bag.

This is used in high volume situations for food stuffs but we have also supplied into the animal feed and horticulture sectors too.

Printing can come in any form to suit the specific requirements of the product and the market as this bag is fit for the end user or market to market.

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • From 250mm to 1000mm


  • 75 micron to 250 micron


  • Up to 6 colours
FFS Form Fill & Seal Polythene

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