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We supply fully certified Food Grade Bulk Bags and FIBC’s

Food and pharmaceutical grade Bulk Bags and fibc’s are manufactured in a clean room facility away from standard industrial bulk bag production to meet food safety management for the following standards. We supply a range of FIBC’s to some of the UK’s leading food manufacturing companies.

HACCP Certified

HACCP Certified

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BRC Food Certified

BRC Food Certificated

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ISO 22000:2005 Certified Safety Management Systems

ISO 22000:2005

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Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Bags

Contamination prevention and full production traceability are the key elements when thinking about food and pharmaceutical grade bulk bags.

It is vital during the production process that no alien particles or threads are present that could in any way come into contact or contaminate the food product being packaged.

This is achieved through a stringent number of safety processes and checks carried out in a sterile clean room production area.

  • All materials used are 100% virgin grade materials.
  • Food and Pharmaceutical grade bulk bags are manufactured in a sterile clean room environment separate to the main production facility.
  • Ultrasonic cutting machinery is used to prevent any loose threads or fibres.
  • Sewing machines are fitted with heat sealing cutting equipment and vacuum systems.
  • Metal detection equipment on every finishing line.
  • Light tables on every finishing line.
  • All seams are sewn externally eliminating the chance for any internal loose fibres or threads within the body of the Bulk Bag.
  • All Bulk Bags are meticulously vacuumed on every finishing line.
  • Heat treated or plastic pallets are used.
  • Bulk Bags can be supplied with food grade LDPE / LLDPE or foil liners that can be inserted and shaped to fit the dimensions of the Bulk Bag.

3 step quality control process:

Quality Check

  1. Raw material inspection and testing.
  2. Manufacturing process inspection and testing
  3. Final quality control checks before palletisation and goods dispatch.

Our Food Grade Bulk Bag production facilities have been audited and approved by the UK’s leading food manufacturing companies.

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ISO 22000-2005 certificate

Metal Detection Inspection

Metal Detection Inspection

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