Looking for an FIBC supplier? Check for these things

If your business is involved in storing or transporting goods including chemicals, food, agricultural products or construction materials, you'll probably need to find yourself a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or bulk bag supplier at some point. What are FIBC bags? FIBC or bulk bags are a great option for companies needing to store or [...]

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Yes, industrial bulk bags can be recycled too

Because of their strength and durability and ability to be reused multiple times, when it comes to industrial packaging, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), or bulk bags, are an excellent eco-friendly option for companies looking to adapt to our increasingly environmentally-aware times.  Cost-effectiveness Often, when it comes to environmentally friendly products or processes, companies can [...]

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How bulk bags can improve your business efficiency

For businesses that transport dry goods, including food, chemicals, pharmaceutical or agricultural products, there are a number of options available to you including drums, Gaylord boxes and heavy sacks. None of these, however, are as practical or cost-effective as bulk bags, which can actually help you improve your business efficiency. Bulk bags are available for [...]

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What are breathable bulk bags?

If your business relies on the moving and storing of large volumes of dry products, one of your best options is to use bulk bags, a type of industrial packaging also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs). FIBCs have a range of benefits, including the ability to transport a wide range of products, from [...]

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How does industry discharge bulk bags?

If your business requires you to transport or store dry goods, there are a number of different types of bulk bags you can purchase and a number of different methods for discharging (or emptying) them at the end of their journey. If used and emptied correctly, bulk bags are a flexible and resilient form of [...]

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How to control electro hazard risks when using bulk bags for fine powders

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), also known as bulk bags, are a commonly used type of industrial packaging. The tightly woven bags have a range of uses, including the storing and shipping of granulated materials and fine powders. When using fine powders, loading them into or out of FIBCs, the bags can release an electrostatic [...]

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What are the differences between primary and secondary packaging?

No matter how amazing your products are, if they don’t arrive at their destination in one piece or attract customers once they are on the shelves, your business will not succeed. When it comes to packing and shipping products, therefore, businesses need to consider both their primary and secondary packaging, each of which serves an [...]

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What are the different kinds of bulk bags available?

When people think of bulk bags, they often think of the builders’ merchant bulk bags used to deliver sand or gravel to construction sites. However, the bags, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), actually have a much wider range of uses, thanks to advances in industrial packaging manufacturing. Nowadays, they are used for [...]

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How to reuse bulk bags in the garden

This industrial packaging doesn’t have to end up as landfill, however. Even if your first inclination is to throw the bags away, you might want to think again because they are not only large, they are strong and highly durable, making them a perfect solution for any number of household jobs, especially in the garden, [...]

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How does good industrial packaging benefit the entire supply chain?

  Manufacturers often talk about how product design can help them stand out to the customer and make their brand more attractive to retailers looking to stock their shelves. What doesn’t get talked about so often is the industrial packaging surrounding the product, something which is just as - if not more - important in [...]

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