Bulk bags set to revolutionise manufacturing packaging

In the processing industries, bulk bags are now seen as a key resource for bringing about reduced costs, increased efficiency and safe packaging of a huge range of products. Let’s take a look at why. Driving down the cost of packaging One large bag is a lot cheaper than a lot of smaller sacks. It’s [...]

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How to specify your bulk bag filler

Bulk bags are fantastic for storing and moving dozens of different kinds of products. Choosing the right industrial packaging bag is half the battle when you're trying to make your operations as efficient as possible. The other half of the battle is choosing the right filler for the kind of bags that you use. So [...]

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What are the trends affecting industrial packaging in 2018

In most industry sectors trends come and go, and the industrial packaging market is no different. These trends can come from advances in technology, changes to the economy or client requirements, but they generally help to fuel growth. Growth in the industrial packaging sector is predicted to be around three and half per cent per [...]

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